Remaining lessons + Report

So… now that we’ve draft our evaluation procedure. I am summing what you need to do to finish the course 🙂

Tasks that you need to do:

1) Define your UX evaluation procedure, due date: 15.04 [Done]

2) Deliver your UX evaluation procedure, due date: 28.05

*go to this Doodle poll and try to find a possible meeting time for your group.

3) Implement your study, until 01.05

4) Presenting, due date: 12.05

5) Deliver the overall group reflection, due date: 20.05


Group Mentoring Sessions + remaining lessons (14.04, 28.04 and 12.05)

So tomorrow (1st of April) I will meet the following Groups on UX evaluation course (IFI7155.DT)

** 8:15 – Fabulous Cats

** 8:45 – Advanced Jukebox

** 9:15 – iBeacon

On the 15th of April I will meet the remaining following Groups:

** 8:15 – Hangry Wolf

** 8:45 – Giraffe Experience

** 9:15 – Japira

The purpose of the meeting is to plan your final evaluations procedure. See group assignment number 6

NOTE 1: On the 14th of April lesson

ALL class needs to be present. You also need to do your last individual assignment number 5 (due date is 14th of April).

NOTE 2: On 28th of April Lesson

We (me and your group) will meet again. The purpose of this last lesson is to prepare the final presentation on 12th of May.

I will send you a doodle pool next week so we can set the meetings time for the 28th of April Lesson.

Group Mentoring Sessions

It is time for us to start our group mentoring sessions :). Please use this Doodle poll to select a time slot for your group.

We will meet either on 1st or 15th of April. Your group ONLY need to choose one time slot in one of those days.

Also to be better prepare for the Mentoring session, do your Individual Assignment 4.

Our meetings will take place in A433.